The AGROBS GmbH was established on the fundament of the family farm. True to the rural traditions development, production and distribution of high-quality nutrition are purposefully realised.

The Forage

The production of dry green forage started in 1980 with the production of high-quality hay for horses. Meanwhile the methods for the conservation of green substance have been refined: to produce in a more preservative, cleaner and allergen-free way the green forage is dried carefully in warm air. The vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients contained are thus processed and well preserved.


For more than 10 years Agrobs provides healthy basic feed for all land living tortoises.

AGROBS Testudo

The Food Available in the Natural Habitat

Tortoises are wild animals which were domesticated by humans. It is therefore the duty of the keeper to feed his pets appropriately. Wild Tortoises are often found in scanty environments and are obviously well adapted to a meagre diet. Pet tortoises, however, are often overfed and yet malnourished: „Their diet contains too much protein and they consume large amounts of easily digestible carbohydrates contained in unsuitable food. At the same time they lack crude fibre and vital substances”.

Why Feed  Testudo?

Agrobs Testudo is the ideal basic diet for Tortoises. The types Agrobs Testudo Herbs, Fibre and Baby contain the incomparable plant variety of the Upper Bavarian meadows. More than 60 different grasses and herbs growing on highly diverse poor-soil meadows make this product so valuable.

Agrobs Testudo - the original – consists of selected grasses with a particularly low protein content and a particularly high crude fibre content. It is therefore particularly suitable in combination with fresh food. The reduced, but high-quality protein supply will, in particular, unburden liver and kidneys, and the detoxification of the body is promoted which is of particular importance during transition time and especially before the beginning of winter torpor.

The Institute for Zoology in Munich considers the Agrobs Testudo product series a suitable diet for all tortoises. The high crude fibre content of Agrobs Testudo closely resembles the natural diet of tortoises. The digestion is enhanced, and the metabolism is relieved by the low protein content. 

Regular controls provide for additional security. Agrobs Testudo contains no additives such as pressing aids or protein-reducing admixtures such as straw or bran. The crumbling losses and the nutrient-consuming afterfermentation occurring during the conventional drying process are eliminated. Therefore the nutrients, the abundant and the trace elements as well as the vitamins contained in the green plants are preserved to the largest extent.

How to feed Agrobs Testudo

An amount of Agrobs Testudo or Testudo Herbs corresponding to the weight of the animal and adjusted to the feeding plan is moistened with water and offered freely. Agrobs Testudo, Testudo Fibre and Baby may also be offered in a dry state. Since tortoises are frequently somewhat picky they should be given the time to get accustomed to unknown food - and please keep in mind that the food has to be replaced every day. Usually it takes a while until unknown food is accepted.
The most reliable way to get your pet accustomed to Agrobs Testudo is to mix it with known food. 
The daily replacement of food that has not been eaten by fresh food is of vital importance.


Tortoises must always have free access to fresh water. Since most tortoises will only drink while they are taking a bath the most suitable water container is a flat bowl of a sufficient size to accommodate the whole animal.